WhatsApp recently introduced a new update to the iPhone and brought with it newer features. The new version of the app will not only change the way you use it, but it will also change the way you use your smartphone. Although previous WhatsApp updates have completed such a miraculous border, allowing you to send money to others through an instant messaging platform and permanently ending spam, this update will allow you to receive all the status updates that you log off from Facebook to avoid. Due to the new version of the application v2.18.40, iOS users can now view status updates in the WhatsApp widget in their iPhone’s “Today View” section. But even if you can now download v2.18.40, it will only work on iOS 7.0 or later devices.

WhatsApp update also improves voice messaging capabilities. Now you don’t have to stare at the beige and green screens provided by the application interface every time you want to listen to messages from contacts. When you listen to messages recorded from friends and family, you can now perform multiple tasks at the same time, as this new update will ensure that voice clips will continue to play even if you switch applications or the screen is off.

Although the Facebook-owned messaging application has launched several new updates in the past, several of them target Android users who have already used WhatsApp as their most-branded operating system to download the most downloaded applications in the country. This is one of the times when they released a complete upgrade of iOS. Considering that the application claims to have only 200 million monthly active users in India, voice updates (and the ability to view status updates if you are an exporter) is good news for iOS users.


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