After the first-person explorer game, The First Tree was released and then received an active reception on Steam, it will soon be on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Although the release date has not yet been announced, developer David Wehl stated in the press release that his goal is to release the window by the end of 2018. Studio DO Games has been hired to work in the port.

The first tree recently nominated the best game and best music in the Emotional Games Awards, following the story of two interconnected creatures: a fox looking for her missing cub and a son reconnecting with his estranged father in Alaska. The official outline.

The player controls the fox in a beautiful and beautiful journey, which makes the source of life pale, perhaps leading to an understanding of death. Along the way, players can discover the artifacts and stories in their lives as the fox walks toward the first tree.

The main features:

  • A memorable intimate story of a single team ending will not be quickly forgotten.
  • Famous soundtracks such as Message to Bears, Lowercase Noises, and Josh Kramer are also available.
  • A short game (about one and a half hours) focuses on some easy puzzles and platforming stories.

When the release date is announced. At the same time, take a look at the trailer above.


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