PUBG Mobile, the most popular smartphone game, will soon host the largest eSports Championship in India with a total prize pool of Rs 500,000. The Tencent game with Oppo will host the ‘PUBG tournament Campus Championship 2018 from September 26th to October 21st

Registration for the PUBG tournament Championship starts today and continues until September 21. Interested users can sign up to create their own team on The registered person will automatically become the monitor.

Registration process

First step is to fill personal details like user name, email, mobile number, college ID and more.


First place peize 15lakh

Second placeprize 5 lakh

Thirdh place prize 3lakh

Fourth placeprize 2lakh

Fifth place prize 1lakh 50 thousands

Sixth place prize 1lakh

Seventh prize 80 thousands

Eighth place prize 70 thousand

Nine place prize 50 thousands

Tenth place prize 50 thousands


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