Hi, guys we’re gonna be talking about the pump t-mobile alright so as you guys may know pubs mobile just went global like a few weeks ago and this is so exciting alright so they release the English
version for this game and everyone is liking this game so I decided I’m gonna make a new video cuz the developers are gonna give us a new of it alright so if you are familiar with the Chinese version so there’s g 0.4 update that went for chinese version and the game was more optimized they had the new game modes and there was a training mode as well right so  you may know about it alright but I’m talking about different update all right so I think the developer is gonna skip the 0.4 update on a global version and there’s gonna give us a different update with the new map alright so the desert mind Miramar is gonna be on the next update because I’ve seen it the developers said it in the tap alright so there’s an of g forum on tap they gave us in game screenshot of the new map.

new vehicles alright so they’re gonna adding three new vehicles one is the blue-chip red zip and another is the bus, okay so that’s about the vehicles and they’re adding three new guns as well so one is
hand cold called r45 another is sniper rifle Winchester 94 and you can say win 94 and another gun is a shotgun it’s called sort of Salkin so yeah I’m gonna like this update.

I like the new map and everything you guys will like it as well and on the new update their gonna optimize the game more even more so that your device can run it smoothly with high appears so that’s that and yeah that’s all for the upcoming updates so that’s all for the  thank you so much for reading don’t forget to leave alike comment down below if you have any questions or cessation and please don’t forget to follow my blog to get notified about my future artical alright thank you so much bye.


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