Even though the OnePlus 6 isn’t official yet, it’s already one of the most controversial devices soon to make its debut on the market due to the addition of the (in)famous notch. In any case, to raise the hype around its next top-tier product, OnePlus has just released the first OnePlus 6 teaser which is of only 4 seconds, asking fans to Get ready!. The clip itself shows the number six and a different message that reads The speed you need.Is this a camera teaser, by the way? I have no idea, but it’s pretty clear OnePlus’s marketing machine is on. If you’re expecting the OnePlus 6 to have
the same price as the OnePlus 5T, then you’ll be disappointed. A new report suggests the OnePlus 6 price will start at $525 and will go up to around $700. 

The cheapest version of the OnePlus 6 will pack 64GB, whereas the most expensive will have 256GB. A 128GB model will be available as well for around $600 outright. On April 27th, one of the most anticipated Marvel movies of all time, the Avengers: Infinity War. will hit theaters, And OnePlus is now expected to stock a special edition Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 handsets.

This wouldn’t be the first time OnePlus has created a limited edition device based on a Disney-owned property. Late last year, they released the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition, which was essentially a reskin of the top-spec 5T model with Star Wars branding on the back and some special wallpapers. With that said, the OnePlus 6 launch might happen by the end of the month and we’ll be treated with plenty of teasers from OnePlus in the coming days so make sure to follow to keep up with all of the updates.


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