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HMD global is said to be launching a new smartphone on April 27th at an event in China and the latest reports are that the phone will be a reimagined version of the Nokia X original Nokia X of 2014 was the first Nokia branded smartphone to be powered by Android OS and the only device from the company to run Google’s operating system tilde brand was licensed out to hmd global.

The leaked photos show digital signposts that have two phones crossed against each other to form an X and the date of the launch 27th of April even though we don’t have any information about the specifications the upcoming Nokia X will be equipped with a bezel-less fold display with 2.5 D curved glass display coupled with metallic rear side the metal body will be designed in such a way to provide a premium look with curves on the corners the upcoming Nokia X is a big surprise as no one seems to have heard of it before now we can’t say if it will be a mid-range phone or a flagship device nevertheless we believe hmd global will want to keep a tight lip until the launch day in a meantime follow my blog for upcoming updates.


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