HTC has launched the u12 plus its first flagship smartphone for 2018 HTC u12 plus builds on the design of its predecessor with 6 inch quad-hd plus Super LCD 6 display with 18 by 9 aspect ratio it has thin bezels surrounding the display And does not feature a notch it also has that translucent back which was widely educated

last time around HTC u12 plus comes with 6 gigabytes RAM and option for either 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes internal storage it is powered by snapdragon 845 processor and runs android 8.0 Orio Along with second generation edgesense feature that allows users to squeeze to access apps or control the phone HTC u12 plus sports Four cameras two on the front and two on The rear the rear camera setup combinesa  12 megapixel wide-angle sensor along With 16 megapixel telephoto lens at the Front there is dual 8 megapixel image sensors HTC u12 plus is expected to compete with samsung galaxy s 9 plus the Apple iPhone X & hué YP 20 pro the 12 plus has been priced at 5800 88 yuan approximately 63 thousand rupees that’s it for now follow my blog for Upcoming updates


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