We will notify you when we have a new video This is a long wait Shorter than four years after launch PlayStation 4 is finally a platform Get a late primitive god War champion, but maybe a break The necessary privilege of God Formulated, and really not anyone left in the Pantheon in Greece Kratos longs for revenge In the new game, we saw a not so angry and  More authoritative version The genocidal Greeks, this time he has a Son is training and what we do See the game has a new commitment God of War action formula, and hope The final product is like this In the first game of franchise done 11 Years ago.

                                               Yakuza 6

Another exclusive title is the way of life’s song with atutor 6 this game, and thinks this is a good combination of a fan of everything about franchise, because it is from ps4 and not in ps3 because the item has been visually The effect has also been improved, making the game appear to be significantly better than other games in the franchise. Apart from having a large number of small games and rock-solid battles, these are the elements of the loser’s popular game.


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