You want to be number one in Google. What do you think of you? Most people say you need to make a link. Most people say you need to do it on the SEO page. But where did you start? Hey everyone, I am today I want to share best free SEO tools in 2018 help you rank first on Google with you to help you rank first on Google. The first tip I gave you

Quick Sprout analyz

A quick Sprout is a free tool, you go to, you enter your URL, it is a gamified SEO app, it will tell you and break all the wrong things, it will either you walk through how to gradually fix. For example, if you don’t add the correct keyword to the title tag or description or alt image tag, Quick Sprout will tell you. You just click on a button and it will even show the keywords you want to add. Do you know, it’s cool As part of Quick Sprout, if you are not a technician and you want to post these changes, you don’t need to know the code, Quick Sprout can publish them for you.

Yoast SEO plugin

If you are using Word Press, it is a Yoast SEO plugin and it is one of my favorite tools. It comes in free and paid versions. But you can choose anyone. They are great, now with the Yoast SEO plugin every time you post a blog post it will give you a score and tell you, hey, here is how you do your title tag, your meta description you have a choice Different keywords and display search engines What you show to the user is different. The cool part about the Yoast SEO plugin is that you can optimize each of your blog posts to get the most traffic.

Google Search Console.

Now with Google Search Console what it ends up doing is, every time you publish a new blog post or a page, you have an XML sitemap.

The XML sitemap is probably gonna be created by the Yoast Plugin, that’s what I use, and that’s what most experts use.

You then submit it to Search Console. In addition the Search Console will show you the number of impressions you ve received the number of clicks you ve received the number of popular pages, and even which keywords are being obtained.a lot of impressions for, but not a lot of clicks, you can then go and optimize your content by adding those keywords in adjusting your title tag, your meta description to include those keywords and maximize your click to rate. This will increase your rankings without you having to build even one single link.

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